Why I Became a Pescatarian

My reason for becoming a pescatarian started as spiritual then became mental and finally physiological. As a freshmen in college I made friends with the Rastafarians at my school. As a part of their belief Rastafarians do not consume any creature that walks on land. In turn, I picked up this practice and soon became a Rasta myself. After a while I began to see the benefits of not eating meat. Those benefits included a bit of self control over food. I started to feel as though I was doing something good by not eating animals. I felt humane and utilitarian. Then, when I combined my pescatarian practice with intermittent fasting I felt an even more sense of self control and even a bit of power over my primitive urges. I no longer gave in to immediate gratification. I got sick less often because I was not eating bad meats and, through fasting, I was giving my digestive system enough time to recover from prior meals. It became easier for me to lose weight because I was able to digest food at a faster rate and not consuming more meals than my body needed.

Becoming a pescatarian became one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life. Giving me mental clarity, better health and allowed me to love all living things even more. My diet combine with an intermittent fasting eating schedule allowed me to push my body to the next level of strength and self control. I would recommend any form of vegetarianism and intermittent fasting to all people who are looking to live better, lose weight and gain life.

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