Fast 10: 10 Tips to a Successful Fast

Tip #1. Stay Hydrated! 

Drinking plenty of water can make you feel fuller for longer. When you wake up in the morning try drinking a tall glass of water before you start your day.

Tip #2. Drink Coffee or Tea

Many people don't know this but the caffeine you find in coffee and most teas can be used to curb appetite. Try drinking a cup of tea or coffee throughout the day to help you keep the hunger pains away.

Tip #3. Stay Busy 

Keep your mind off the fact that your fasting by staying productive. Try something new or pick up a fun hobby. I like to read a book or go on a hike. 

Tip #4. Plan Your First Meal

Planning your first meal can help you stick to your fast and insure that you're not eating junk food throughout the day.

Tip #5. Fast While You Sleep

That's right! Sleeping can be the best way to stick to your fast. Try going to bed earlier and sleeping in a little later so that you can fast for longer. 

Tip #6. Exercise 

Exercising in a fasted state is a sure way to burn even more calories than you would fasting alone. Even simple exercise like going on a walk can help you enhance your calorie burn. 

Tip #7. Remember Your Goal

Always keep your goal in mind before you decide to break your fast early. Write notes to yourself to remind yourself why you are fasting and why it is important to you. 

Tip #8. Fast with a Friend 

Accountability is key! Have an accountability partner who will go on the weight loss journey with you. Having someone to fast with is a great way to keep yourself motivated. 

Tip #9. Empty Out Your Fridge

Before going on your fast take some time to go through your refrigerator and pantry and clear out any junk food that will keep you from sticking to your fast. Temptation is everywhere but it doesn't have to be in your home. 

Tip #10. Reward Yourself! 

Every three pounds you lose from a successful week of fasting reward yourself with your favorite treat or desert. YOU EARNED IT! Giving yourself rewards every now and again will help keep you motivated to stay on track during the week. So go on and eat that slice of cake!